Hot Strip Mill

The Hot Strip Mill is where CSI's rolling operations begin, as steel slab is reheated and rolled to hot rolled coil. With an annual capacity of more than two million tons, the rolling mill is more than a half-mile long and includes two walking beam reheat furnaces, a two-high scalebreaker, five four-high roughers, a crop shear, six four-high finish mills, and two downcoilers. Equipped with an automatic gauge control system and technologically advanced computer controls, the hot strip mill rolls slabs of seven to nine inches thick, into coils ranging in thickness from .0538" to .500", and widths of 27 to 72 inches wide.

Finishing facilities include a build-up line, a slitting line, a skin pass line, a walking beam coil handling system and cooling pond. Our state-of-the-art coil handling system transports coils to either the finishing facilities or the cooling pond in high-speed coil cars, protecting the coil from damage. The cooling pond quench cools hot coils in six to eight hours, versus three days, before further processing on the 62" Continuous Pickle Line.

The management system governing the manufacture of CSI's products at the Hot Strip Mill is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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