Hot Rolled

hot rolled

California Steel is the largest manufacturer of hot rolled steel in the Western United States. We provide a broad range of sizes and a wide range of specifications to support the variety of manufacturing applications of our customers. Our offered gauges range from 0.0538 to 0.500 inches, in widths ranging from 36 to 72 inches. We offer specifications in low and medium carbon steel, and in high-strength low alloy grades.

Known primarily for applications in the structural use of steel, CSI's customers produce spiral weld pipe, shipping containers, tubing, metal buildings and other fabrication construction. We also provide hot rolled steel to the service and processing center industries, which serve as wholesale centers or provide an even broader range of product sizes after slitting, leveling, or cutting steel to smaller sizes and shapes.

To purchase CSI's hot rolled products, or for more about our hot rolled products, please contact your industry sales representative (see CSI Sales Support).

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