We will provide and maintain safe and healthful working conditions, conducting all operations to prevent injuries to safeguard all employees.

CSI considers no phase of its business to be of greater importance than employee safety and health. CSI believes that every employee should leave work as healthy as when they arrived – and our record proves our dedication. In recent years, we have typically had one of the lowest recordable injury rates in our industry. Since 1998, our injury frequency rates have fallen more than 80 percent.

We will continue our compliance to all environmental regulations, to protect present and future human health in our local environment.

CSI is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the world – Southern California. The entire CSI team is dedicated to protecting our environment. Our employees are educated in the rules of environmental compliance required by our company, and are trained to respond, if necessary, to any threat to our environment.

CSI has been repeatedly recognized by environmental agencies for its efforts to protect our waters in accordance with strict state and federal EPA standards. In its expansion efforts, CSI is also installing the best environmental controls available in our industry, to protect the air that our employees and their families breathe.

We will continue to use a team problem solving process, empowering our employees to best accomplish their duties and responsibilities.

CSI's success depends greatly on the skills and motivation of our workforce. We encourage our employees to suggest and implement improvements in the safety, productivity, cost effectiveness and quality of the processes and products found at CSI.

CSI's profit sharing program rewards our employees for their efforts. A portion of operating income is shared equally among the entire team, and paid twice yearly. Our employees understand how their contributions to the company affect the profitability of the company, and they are consistently identifying and solving problems to improve our results.

We will protect the rights of our employees to remain union-free, and encourage them to do so through continued open communication and fair treatment.

CSI is committed to its policy of fairness and respect for its team. We have consistently provided good working conditions, fair treatment, opportunities for advancement, and competitive wages and benefits.

We readily recognize that our growth is a direct result of all employees' efforts and contribution. Everyone at CSI is treated as an individual and is respected as an important part of our team.