Sales Support

"Our industry-based sales teams are organized to provide our customers with the best possible service, working together to meet the needs of each customer. Meeting your requirements for a quality steel product and on-time delivery - to your satisfaction - is our Number One Goal."

Commercial Director
Ricardo Bernardes
Regional Sales Manager - Central West
Pete Broderick 909.350.5979
Regional Sales Manager - Pacific Northwest
Steve Howard 707.200.5025
Regional Sales Manager - SOUTHERN/GULF
Richard Sambrano 909.350.6421
Regional Sales Manager - West
Ryan Estopinal 909.350.6462
Marketing and Inside Sales Manager
John Walburg 909.350.6460
Material Recovery Analyst
Sean Dolan 909.350.6276
Account Representatives
Kim Cochran 909.350.6016
Nicole Leung 909.350.6060
Janay Palicte 909.350.6412
Linette Fibiger 909.350.6016
Brandon Staples 909.350.6417
Michael Martinez 909.350.6234
Daniel Rexicker 909.350.6492
Shipping Correspondent
Timmilee Blistan 909.350.5971
Tubular Products
Regional Sales Manager - Tubular Products
Tim Gilbert 909.350.6390
Brad Wenzel 909.350.6436
Assistant Manager
Alejandro Torres 909.350.6413
Account Representatives
Jacqui Bellah 909.350.6359
Zachary Goins 909.350.6146 zach.goins@californiasteel.coma>
Michael Padgett 909.350.6489 mike.padgett@californiasteel.coma>