5-Stand Cold Reduction Mill

With the growing demand for quality galvanized and cold rolled steel products, coupled with the high quality needs of our customers for strip gauge accuracy, flatness, and enhanced surface quality, CSI recognized the need to increase cold reduction capabilities. A complete modernization of the 5-Stand tandem cold reduction mill was completed in 1997. This unit now has a capacity of more than 1 million tons annually.

In the cold rolling process, pickled and oiled coils pass through five stands, arranged in tandem with a predetermined amount of reduction taken on each stand until the final thickness is achieved upon exiting the fifth stand. Reductions are taken in one pass.

The 5-Stand reduction mill reduces the strip from a gauge range of .075" to .225" to a range of .010" to .172" in thickness, with a maximum width of 60".

The management system governing the manufacture of CSI's products at the 5-Stand Cold Reduction Mill is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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