ERW Pipe

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CSI's pipe mill produces ERW pipe known throughout the industry for its high quality and consistent performance in the field.

With a capacity of 240,000 tons per year, CSI's pipe mill products include outside diameters ranging from 6" to 16", wall thicknesses ranging from .156" to .400", with lengths available up to 63 feet with no mid-weld. Process coating is available through local coating applicators.

We produce ERW pipe by rollforming hot rolled coil into a pipe shape, welding the edges together with a high frequency welder, annealing the weld and cutting the finished product to length on a continuous line. The pipe may then undergo additional testing or finishing operations, such as hydrotesting and end beveling.

The management system governing the manufacture of CSI's products at the Pipe Mill is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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